A massive thank you to all our customers, we are truely touched by all the support you have given Soalchemy in 2021. New soaps will be launched on 14 January 2022. Have a very Merry Christmas from us here at Soalchemy

About Soalchemy


Welcome to Soalchemy.  Soalchemy started with a journey to make a better soap for my family, it became a hobby, and then a small business as demand grew.

Soalchemy is a 100% kiwi, family owned business.  

What is Soalchemy?  Soalchemy is a fusion of soap, soul and alchemy!

How do I say Soalchemy? It is pronounced Soul-chemy. 

I take pride in making soaps that lather well, even in hard water and leave your hands feeling clean but not dried out.  I use quality ingredients to ensure the bar you receive performs well.  I strongly recommend that you store your bar on a well draining soap dish for best results, and keep it out of the corner of the shower where steam and water splashes will turn even the hardest handmade bar into a soggy mush.

Minimising plastic waste is very important to my ethos.  Plastic is used sparingly.  

Moving into the future I have exciting plans for Soalchemy.  In progress I have a naturals range using essential oils and natural colourants.  I expect to release the first soaps from this line in August.  While my primary background is Finance and Economics, I did study Natural Medicine at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine and plan to put my knowledge to good use.

I hope you enjoy using your soap and will shop at Soalchemy again.

Soalchemy products are also sold at the Hakarimata Boutique in Ngaruawahia and Creative Expressions in Huntly.