New soap release is now live!

Soap Care

Getting the most from your soap:

Your soap has been cured for a minimum of 4-6 weeks and is ready to use :)

Handmade soaps are much higher in Glycerine than mass manufactured soaps.  This means they are great for your skin, but will absorb moisture more readily as Glycerine is a humectant.  The best place to store your unused soaps is in the linen cupboard (they make your linen smell great), or similar and use them within 6-9 months.  

Keep your soap on a well draining soap dish and out of the shower steam or water spray.  The soap cavities in showers are not great at draining water and the wet nature of the area means there is plenty of lingering moisture for your soap to attract.  If you must have it in the shower, I highly recommend cutting the bar in half and alternating which half joins you in the shower to allow it to dry out between uses.


Staying safe:

As with other skin care products, if irritation develops, please discontinue use and get in touch.  For external use only.  Avoid contact with the eyes, and do not eat the soap (I know this is hard when it comes to the cake slices!).